Blogging: What to write and how often?

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Blogging: What to write and how often?

Blogging: What to write and how often?

As an Internet marketing professional, I frequently recommend that my clients create a blog. Blogs are a great place to showcase relevant news and content about a business that can help the business be found in search engines. The blog posts can also be  spread using social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing blog posts drives traffic to your site and allows you to engage with your customers by monitoring comments on your posts.

Once I suggest a blog, my clients always ask two questions:

“What in the world do I write about?”

“How often do I have to post?”

Play Twenty Questions

No matter what business you’re in, your customers have questions. There are some questions they ask over and over. Make a list of them, and you have your first twenty blog posts.

Even if the number one question is where you’re located or whether you offer free delivery, make the answers into posts.

Businesses that draw their customers from a local service area can be geo target the blog content to attract searchers looking for a service in the local area. Blog posts can explain how your customer service differs from the service offered by the competition.

Be careful to keep your blog posts informative, so that readers perceive them as useful and more than a sales pitch for your services. Think about what would be informative, useful, and entertaining to you if you were a prospective client of your business.

An insurance agent might create a tool to aid renters in doing a property inventory and offer it on the blog. A SAT tutor might offer a set of sample questions or a diagnostic SAT and free scoring. Both posts engage the audience, are useful, and create an opportunity for the visitor to inquire about services.

Create an Editorial Calender

In most industries, there are special events and conferences that take place every year.  By creating an editorial calendar, you can plan to write posts about  those topics. If once a year your industry has a conference, make sure to write about it. If you are attending, you should bring a camera and consider interviewing a speaker or providing your insights each day on the conference. These posts will be useful to those who did not attend and help establish you as a thought leader in the industry. They also can help you by connecting you with conference speakers. Even if you just turn your notes on the conference into a wrap up post, you have added value to attending by reminding visitors to your blog that you are staying current with the industry.

How often should I post?

The answer varies.  The more often you post, the more traffic and search opportunities you create. However, you also want to ensure that you have something useful for your audience. The most import rule to posting is to do it consistently! No matter whether you post once a month, once a week, or every day, make sure that you stick to a schedule and follow your editorial calendar.

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