Content Marketing with Impact

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Content Marketing with Impact

The trend in the “green” world is to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth; to have as small an impact as possible. In Internet marketing, the goal is just the opposite. To compete in today’s market, you must broaden your footprint on the web by creating a lot of great relevant content and spreading it across the web. Fortunately, neither of these activities depletes the ozone layer.

The Internet is very much a level playing field. Small and medium-sized businesses have the same opportunities as Fortune 500 companies. Usually, the most important ingredient in successful social media content marketing isn’t resources or money, its creativity and commitment.

The first step in successful content marketing is a plan. Find your niche, create content that appeals to members of that niche and then find out where they hang out on the web. Be creative about how you engage members of your community. And, be consistent about it.

It’s no longer effective to simply have a website. Today’s buyer is looking for more. A company needs to be trustworthy, available, authentic and perceived as an expert in its field.

So where and how can you engage with your market and most importantly how do you measure that engagement? Here are a few of my favorites:

Create a Blog

The reach of your blog content is easily quantified using your blog analytics. Measurements such as visitor traffic, subscriptions, and how many comments each post receives are important in determining the reach and popularity of your blog posts. You should also measure the popularity of topics covered in your blog.

Videos Educate & Entertain

No matter what product or service you provide, you should not overlook video. A well-crafted video can be effective. Video can be distributed through your website, blog, YouTube, Vimeo and other social media outlets. The traffic, downloads and views are great indications of how widespread your videos have become.

Repurpose Your Content on SlideShare

If you gave a presentation that wowed your audience, make it available on SlideShare. By creating a URL for your content, SlideShare can help you share the content on popular social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. SlideShare provides stats on how many people download your presentation. When you share your content on social media a great way to measure your reach is by using tools such as Hootsuite, or BudURL to measure the popularity of your content. Not only can you measure how many people viewed your content, you can also tell where they are located. And, don’t forget to embed your YouTube video in a SlideShare presentation.

Create Podcasts

Perhaps my favorite form of rich media content! Podcasts are very inexpensive to produce. You can record a telephone interview, a coffee house conversation or even a video. Creating your own personal podcast show is easy with any number of digital audio recording devices. Editing software like Audacity is user friendly and is available as a free download, so production costs are minimal. When you post your podcast on your blog, you can also have it feed into iTunes. Your audience can then subscribe to your iTunes feed and listen at their convenience. You can track iTunes subscriptions to measure the popularity of your podcast. FeedBurner is another way to track your podcast’s popularity. When you produce educational and entertaining podcasts, other bloggers will listen and share your podcasts with their audiences. Your podcast may wind up on a “top ten podcasts” list created by someone in your industry.

Whether you use one or all of these tactics, you should create great content to broaden your footprint on the web and measure the effectiveness of your content marketing programs. Use free tools such as Google Analytics and BudURL as well as fee-based tools such as HubSpot and ScoutLabs to measure the reach of your social media content marketing strategy. Competing in today’s market doesn’t take a large budget; it takes creative thinking and commitment.

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